Merchant Cash Advance

Quick access to capital with no collateral required.
Only takes 5 minutes and doesn't impact your credit score
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Loan Amount
Up to $750,000
Time to Fund
As Soon As 24 Hours
Loan Terms
Up to 18 Months
Factor Rate
What Is a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)?
A merchant cash advance is an advance of capital repaid using future earnings deposited into a business‘ merchant account. Merchant cash advances are best for small businesses that need capital immediately to cover cash-flow shortages or short-term expenses. Merchant cash advances can be a great option for businesses that have high credit card sales volume, need funding quickly, and may not qualify for other small business loans. This type of financing can help businesses get the money they need to cover short-term expenses or to tide them over until they can get a traditional bank loan.
When to Use Merchant Cash Advances
Businesses with bad credit scores or limited time in business
Newer businesses with limited credit history
Businesses that need cash quickly to cover unplanned expenses
Minimum Qualifications for Term Loans
Credit Score
Bad credit OK
Time in Business
3+ Months
Monthly Revenue
$10,000+ Lowered revenue considered

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